Hi All!

Hey everybody...

Well... What do I say? I, like many others, was introduced to the community through The Game. A friend of mine recommended it to me. I remember exactly how it happened. I had feelings for this HB and was kinda depressed because she had just started a relationship with somebody. I messaged this friend of mine [he's now my wing and he bears an uncanny resemblance to Mystery] about it.

Wing: "fuck it dude... forget about her..."

JH: "It just never works for me. All the girls I like go for other guys."

Wing: "what if i told u u cud get any girl u want..."

JH: "Bullshit. What are you? A pimp?"

Wing: "read this book calld The Game by Neil Strauss..."

JH: "Uh... OK." [Still unconvinced]

So I did get a copy of The Game. It opened my eyes. I wasn't alone. There were guys out there, guys like Mystery, Style, David DeAngelo and Extramask who'd all faced what I was facing....

I got The Rules Of The Game and took the Sylelife challenge. I watched countless videos. Read thousands of articles and forum posts. Sarged almost every day in a month and now, when I look back, I see that this is not a community of horny wannabes. It's a community of men who've learned how to be happy in their lives. To be confident. To be successful.

And I'm still learning.

I'm a student right now. The community has really taught me a lot. Just a few months ago I literally was a broken down person. I had virtually no self confidence. I'd failed so many times with girls that I had begun to think I was gay [No offence to any gay people. I'm not a homophobe]. Everything about me DLVed. No matter where I was or what I'd do, I'd doubt myself...

And look at me now!!!! I love myself! My self confidence is up and bursting. I'm no longer afraid of interacting with girls. Heck, I've even come out of my shell. I approach any situation with confidence and a will to succeed. All of a sudden, I see girls IOIing me without me even saying a word to them. And it's all thanks to the community and the guy who introduced me to it...