What's Good PUA Im "Sincere" (my intro)

What’s Good PUA’s,

I’m a 23 year old Reggae Dancer from Boston, Mass. I started a Dance Crew called “TrendSetters” in 2006 and go by the stage name “CodeRed” but you can call me “Sincere” In Boston I’m a major Club Promoter specializing in Dancehall Reggae Events (duh lol). I’ve loved women my whole entire life. I cant live with them and damn sure cant go a day without them. I even remember trying to get girls to go in the bathroom with me in Kindergarten. When I was younger my mom was the one who taught me how to be a gentlemen and get girls the “nice guy way” but as I grew older I noticed that the “nice guy” does finish last. I got to high school and met a guy named Kevin who showed me the way. He taught me how to talk to girls and how to number close. Together we skipped school and went to malls to see how many numbers we could get by days end. I finally lost my “V Card” at the age of 16 and started to go to house parties and clubs more and more and the “Reggae Dancer CodeRed” was born. Every weekend my 5 best buds and I went to parties and had contest, who can dance with the most girls, who could get the most numbers and eventually who could sleep with the most girls. We figured that these “contest” would improve our game AND IT DID. Slowly but surely we got rid of who had the most numbers or who danced with the most girls and focused primarily on who slept with the most girls. Since that started 7 years ago I’ve slept with 76 different girls and still counting.

So far I’ve number closed and slept with women who thought I was cute or, I was the life of the party or, because of my rep with threw “TrendSetters” or, me being the first to have my own place among the people my age. Yea I spit some “game” and my “game” is actually pretty good but outside of the “Dancehall Scene” I’m back to being a nobody and cant use my rep to get girls anymore. I ended up catching a episode of VH1’s The Pick Up Artist and I became hooked. I went out and picked up Neil Strauss’s Book “The Game” and have been studying ever since, and in my studies I came across this site and HERE I AM !!!

Now I’m going to try my best in writing down things that happen to me every week with all the different girls I encounter (and believe me I come across a lot and I got a bunch of different stories) and I just wanna say right now that everything I post will be 100% the complete truth. I didn’t register to this thread to lie and/or brag I’m her to help and get help. Sooo I can’t wait to read your post and I hope you PUA’s read mine and except me into the PUA community…

Sincere ; )