Aspiring PUA

Hello Gentlemen of The Attraction Forums, I reside in Anchorage, AK and love Learning game. It is so awesome to trade ideas and view field reports. I own The Game, Magic Bullets, and The Mystery Method. I'm always excited to intake more game and use what fits in the sarge. I do have few sticking points such as mild AA, but mostly towards the hottest girls at the bars and other 9s and 10s. I watch The Pickup Artist on tv too and it's a cool show showing how much more potential people have that don't realize it.
About me, I play sports up here hockey, snowboarding, soccer, mma, It keeps you in shape and you can bounce in different social groups and meet a lot of new people/friends/potentials. The city Anchorage is not by any means huge but it is large and i'll hear many complaints of "The man woman ratio here is horrible" and "all the hot girls are always taken". I was one who used to believe in this until I heard about PUAs and Venusian Arts two years ago with The Game. I'm 24 and have okay skill at gaming. It is still a learning process as far as I can see it. Slowly it's transitioning into a normal function. I'll be hitting up the forums soon, so thanks for helping!