What's up? From San Diego

Hey guys,

Gershom here, I've been studying PUA methods for a couple of years now. I'm currently a graduate student studying Health Care Administration. Studied Japanese for 2 years but I can't read a lot of Kanji (Japanese characters). And no, I'm not one of those know-it-all types that thinks he's superior in "teh wayz" of Japan lol. I'm a pretty chill guy.

I actually got to meet Neil Strauss when he visited San Diego. He was a really nice guy and even took the time to give me personal advice about a girl I liked.

I ended up taking this girl out on a date. I had a great time but at the time I still didn't have enough "practice" and know-how to do KINO escalation. So I ended up in the friend zone but she was only in the US for three weeks before she went back to Japan.

Anyways, just wanted to say what's up and looking forward to learning along with you guys!