Hello all. Here is the blue fire of the Phoenix.

Hey all. Name is BluePhoenix (Phoenix was taken). I am a 21 year old Art Major at a UC school.

I had just finished Style's "The Game" and I wanted to come in and see what the reality is.

As for me, the best way to describe me is the "AFC who is too nice for his own good." One of my friends even commented how "my parents hugged me too much when I was growing up". And he was right.

The good points are that I know how to speak. I know I am not afraid to go up to a HB and say Hi. I am just having the problem with Negs. I can't seem to find the use of Negs. I know that it is to raise my own Value, but it just goes against what I know, and that is what I need to come to terms with.

Feel free to PM anytime, I hope to see you guys at a workshop maybe.