Hey everyone -

First introduced to PUA material just after highschool (damnit!). Started with David D'Angelo's cocky+funny material. Became hooked. Landed a few HB7s at first, f-closed a HB9 later on.

Then my circumstances changed. Changed universities. New school, new opportunities to start over - or so I thought. Turning down bar nights to stay in, decreased social interaction, and plummeting self-confidence turned me into a wussbag/niceguy at best.

Fast forward a year (yes a full year to get my shit together) - I was introduced to MM by a friend of mine. Sparking memories of DYD material, I was hooked once again. Started to run some game again - it's been slow but steady. I've obviously lost my touch. :P

Anyways glad to be apart of this community - I like what I see so far.