Hey all from Sydney

Way back in 2005 I decided I needed a girl, and by applying what the pickup community taught me, grabbed an LTR, and left it at that.

That's great, but my social skills are weak and the LTR zapped most of my friends, which shot my value and indifference, so here comes slavery.

So, I'm here with 4 objectives:
1) Appear and act as the sharp sophisticated man I've seen in myself
2) Learn to make the people around me happy, but know that I don't need them to be happy myself
3) Love life again and engage with it
4) Decide for good if relationship #1 is my #1

I love absurd comedy, geek culture, being a mad scientist, tennis and my job. I work in a pool store (yeh, I know) as a casual manager, strongest frame ever when I'm there. I'm studying medical science and medical engineering, chicks dig a 'body builder' :P