Hai Gaiz Frum Canadur!

Hey Guys,

I'm Pilgrim, or I would have been if it weren't for those pesky kids, so I went with the non-anglicized version of my regular name. More pure that way (ha, yeah right, there's already been 20 or 30 bastardizations of the name, I even once decided I would be "from here on out," Evqn).

I started, I guess PU is what yall calls it? I started back in HS with David D's letters, which were mind blowing at the time. But, like any asshole, I fell for a girl, and she entrapped me in her lusty chambers of hell until I could breath naught but her sweet, strawberry perfume. By that I mean she left the country. Aaaand I got lazy with it.

Yet it lingered, and finally, after a couple years of building up materials (everything from Ross Jeffries and Tyler to Mystery and The Tao of Steve), I've decided to take another shot. So for a few weeks now I've been makin that go at organizing, taking notes, and trying to find a half-decent forum to post on. Cross your fingers!