Hey guys lets change this world around!

Hows it goin all? I've been hearing a lot about this and been reading up on it for about a year or so but i haven't been able to join untill now since i just turned 18.

I just recently broke up with my first girlfriend (have been dating for only a month) and i realized that i couldn't make that connection with her. Im still a virgin and the only thing i have done sexually is make-out for a about 5 minutes straight.

I am 5'5 and a little self consceous about my height, i know the jest of the MM, that i have been reading and im not an awkward person to be around. I don't know my biggest flaw yet because i do not go out that often, but now i am trying to get out more. I am a fast learner, and just need mroe practice and internalization of material.

I currently live in maryland and go to anne arundel community college as a freshman, if there are anyone who wants to meet up and talk about it all i'd be happy to meet some new freinds

Well thats about it ill be posting more all over the website so expect to see me more