Hey there, greeting from AZ

Hello everyone, I am Capo.

I am a 21 year old college student who just happened to stumble into this wonderful world by accident a couple of months ago. I had never imagined something like a system existed, let alone, something as organized as the community and its teachings would ever exist.

A little about me and why I joined the community:

I have struggled with Approach anxiety all my life, though I am by no means shy or introverted, I'm far from it. I am extroverted, outspoken, have had my share of MCing (literally, have been Master of Ceremonies for school projects, pageants, shows, etc.) and I'm a pretty cool guy if I may say so myself.

People around me NEVER look at me and think that I am shy or insecure... and unless I actually tell them, nobody would ever guess I have a HUGE problem when it comes to meeting women (the problem is actually the lacking of meeting women... unless I am introduced to a woman by someone else).

Even when I am introduced to a woman by someone else I fail in creating attractions, and the times that I have had and have known, I don't know how it has happened. There have been other times where I have, and have known until AFTER it happened, stayed in the confort zone too long and have become a friend =S. But most of the time I just fail to attract and go directly to the confort zone... where I usually stay.

I would love to get control over this part of my life as soon as possible, cause even though I am young, I have struggled with these for years... =S

Any input, help, commentaries, advice or just comments would be gladly accepted =D

Thanks a lot guys,