New to the Forum

I think the first thing that came to my head before posting on this forum was that I'm 17. I know a lot of you are way older than me, and definitely more adept, but I came to this forum to learn. Yea, I'm an aPUA after reading Strauss' The Game. Of course, I like girls, so that's one reason that I joined this website. The next reason, though, is because I'm truly interested in human psychology. Every movement I see someone do, everything I do, is done for a reason. And, when you mPUA's and PUA's break it down, it's truly stunning.

I know things are different because I'm still in high school, but I hope to apply some of the methods you guys use to the girls in school. Hopefully I'm not too young to be on these forums =] (I want to start learning early).

A little background about me: I've had no sexual experience, definitely loud and confident in my classes (though a little less with girls), I'm fairly popular, don't do drugs.

I don't know much about this realm of pick up, so hopefully you pros can fashion me to eventually become a PUA. Criticize what I do, help me out, I'm always willing to learn.

Thanks a lot =]

Edit: Is there anywhere I should post about my current girl situations and how to improve them? I don't wanna bring up me being in highschool somewhere where it's not supposed to be on get shot down.