What up...

'Sup guys,

First things first, I'm completely NEW to this. I got introduced to this community about a month and a half back. I didn't believe it at first, but as soon as I saw the show (watched it all in one day) and read the Game, I'm actually quite impressed. Though, I haven't actually field tested/sarged at all (leaving some skeptism), I'm eager to learn. I'm 18, and ready to do work. Some background info: I'm a freshman at Michigan State (plenty of HBs here). I am currently in frat (well, associate member at Pi Kappa Phi) I didn't really care too much about women in HS, until senior year (focusing on grades and other stuff). So, I was definitely displayed some AFC characteristics. I think I got tons of potential. I'm a BAMF with some pretty cool qualities and hobbies (took me a while to realize this), and am just excited to get cracking at this. Reason for why I think I've got potential is that I am always trying to be unique (I was peacocking before I even knew what it was). (At times) When I am comfortable, my body language/hand movements and the way I talk gets to a point where people get sucked into the conversations. I've recently started to get over my fear of being laughed at and rejected, so I'm more willing to try new things and say what's on my mind.

I've so far looked/watched: The Pick-Up Artist Season 1 (All of it), The Game (Finished it within a week or so; was busy in between that), and am working on Mystery Method. Probably gonna buy Magic Bullets. Any other suggestions?

Hope to get to know you guys better and provide you with some kick ass field reports soon.