The evolution of a fox


I'm Fox, I'm 23 about to turn 24 in dec. and im a sad sad guy. Not in the notion that I don't get girls, I'm an addict to somthing or im an outcast. It's just that I see my life ahead of me, and I have the drive but NO know how.

Don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of sex. With about 10 girls up until this point. but none of which have been of my own accord. Meaning, none of the girls that I dated or had sex with have been through me actually gaming one. It's always been this " oh, I think he's cute for a black guy" and me sayin " well...I guess she's hot" and then BOOM relationship, or mediocre (for me atleast) sex for a couple weeks.

But one thing that truely opened my eyes was Las Vegas. I had my run-in with the people from the las vegas lair when i was just blindly jumping into the whole pickup thing, ya see, I've actually been in pickup before....kinda... I never devoted actually days or months to it because I've kinda had a girl on the back burner the whole time. i would later find out that it was her that had me on the back burner...heh... funny how life is...but with that officially done as of tonight, I'm looking to the future with hopeful eyes.

I'm going to move back to vegas, soon. But as of now im in Waldorf MD, with very little to work with in the gaming department. Yes, there are girls here, but a lot of them are 7- and if their 7+ their probably with their boyfriends whenever they go out. And I'm scared shitless of getting my ass beat because I'm picking up some afc's girl.

Basically, I'm starting from the beginning. I want to completely knock out the cobwebs and REALLY get into this.

I want to end my journy with becomming a master pickup artist. 5 for 5 is it? yea, I wanna be there. With any race of woman, because oh...did I mention? asian fetish??

Yea i know... a little too early for that haha...