A new view.....

ok so i joined your forum about a week and half ago and i've been mix reading "double your dating" & "the game" but the foremost more

anyway i just wanted to say i've been getting some mixed results.....

1. a lass i've talked to at the end of the night has commented on my blue eyes, so i took her number saying we will carry on this conversation another time, and she now remembers me as blue eyes (she still texts me) but it seems like she feels like we are friends, and she has a mr....

2. another is i've talked to a lass on a night out got her fone number, had bland responses from her text's but she doesn't initiate text's at all..... i have to text her???? what do i need to change this! or perhaps just forget her! (i'm not obsessed with her just would like another person to practice on....)

3.a good friend of mine has kissed me before but ever since then we've been good friends.... i would like to progress this further if possible?

so anyway that's what's happended the past 2 weeks... wel number 1 and 2. i can talk to lasses after a few drinks at the end of the night, however it's the beginning of the night i'm totally lost! and feel totally uncomfortable!

i went out on tuesday (tuesday club we call it) and i was hoping to meet a few mates from work when they finished at 10pm but they cancelled on me, so i ended up going out on my own! anyway i met a lass and from number 1 happended

so that's me i'm ok talking to women after a few drinks but i'm uncomfortable at the beginning of the night???

i would like to sarge with someone and learn a few tricks, so anyone in the lincolnshire area please contact me