My name is Mike and I live 2 miles from University of Central Florida in Orlando. I am a 21 year old day-trader and I would say I am pretty good looking and have decent game but you could always improve. Ive had the same girlfriend for 3 years almost but she is starting to let herself go and picking constant fights. Three years ago when I first met her my game was pretty solid, as I managed to sway her away from her boyfriend and into my arms. They were together for 2 years and she slept with me a bunch of times before leaving him for me. (it would have been sooner but i wasnt sure if i wanted to keep her at first. Of coarse she'll tell you differently lol)

So now, three years later I have decided that it is time to get back into the game. Ive only read a couple of articles on here before posting my intro so I am sure that everything will get covered. I really wish that my girlfriend was a close friend instead because she is in a sorority and could hook it up. Because I am not in school and I work from home exposure could be an issue aside from the fact that I usually go out to the bars and clubs Thursday-Sunday nights and sometimes Tuesday happy hours. Being a college town there are a good amount of college women at these bars. However, Now that I am not in school my only worry is not being around enough women. In high school and when I attended college that never seemed to present an issue because the girls were there for me to meet, but I suppose if 30+ year old Mystery can find poon, so can I.

I guess what I am trying to get out of this is to become another Mystery or Savoy. Or a rockstar... I definatly have the face for it and I am working on improving my body and financial status every day. By the end of next year ill have close to 500k in the bank. If there is anyone else in the UCF Orlando area or even Miami or Ft. Lauderdale (thats where I am from) hit me up because I am looking for new friends that are game oriented. My current friends aren't like me and are all unsuccessful not only with women but almost all areas of their lives. I feel like I am the babysitter for my group and I just want to find some friends I can trust, who will have my back, and will put game up there in their lives. Mystery once said you need health, wealth and relationships to be happy on earth and those three things are what I strive to improve each day. I am also willing to teach whoever wants to learn how I make a solid income 4 days a week in 1-4 hours per day trading currency and would like to eventually take a seminar just for the hell of it - even though I don't think it would be nec. for me to improve my life.

Feel free to hit me up if you meet the criteria,
Mike -