Recovering AFC, here for some game tips


Been on the shelf for nearly 5 years after a 4.5 year LTR ended. Had a few missed opportunities and a few lessons learned about AFC behaviour and one-itis after a close friend introduced me to Neil Strauss' The Game and NLP, almost simultaneously.

I'm average looking but can be attractive when smiling and have loads going for me in my life, but just not had the confidence/skills to take situations to the next step past basic attraction or spotting the IOIs and actually doing something with them.

So- I've got approach anxiety to get over, a few routines to learn and then start looking at the next phases. I also need to drop my appaling one-itis behaviour and stop getting hung up over specific girls.

It's going to be a fun mission for the rest of the year and beyond- sort it out once and for all, have some fun and get some pick-up going. I really think this will help confidence in all aspects of my life.

I've read The Game about 5 times now, and talked loads with the friend who introduced my to the whole world of pick-up is also going to get on it and we will soon start walking the walk (swagger?!) and actually doing it- it's great as we'll both be learning and can wing each other and rehearse routines too.

We've been talking about it all for the last 18 months, but things are really starting to click into place in my head now, so I think we'll have a lot of fun. I am currently very positive and have started becoming a bit more spontaneous with opportunities that are being thrown my way.

I think watching Mystery's PUA reality show really helped as it was good to see it working in the field, but now it's getting readily repeated in the UK, it could be counterproductive! (no- just learn different openers routines I guess).

So- I'll be reading a lot of threads here any maybe posting the odd question, but here's one I really missed out on-

If a girl comes over and after I've disappeared to the bathroom and returned, she says "I've been nosing around your flat and trying to find your porn collection"- it seems like a serious IOI that I missed. Situation was a girl from work I had a big one-itis crush on and lots of fun smutty banter and laughs, came over to pick something up from me (a dvd or something- can't remember).

After years of kicking myself, I reckon my response should have been "and what would you have done when you found it?". Any other suggestions?


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