Libido Style Synopsis

My personal style closely embodies the classic rake. When I'm sarging I generally use a personality shift when transitioning in and out of comfort. I come into set as a social/party guy who's the life of the party. I focus on drawing girls into my party through frame control, mixed negs, value monitoring, and aggressive kino.

Once the set is locked and attraction is set, I shift into a more realistic persona where I lightly approach sophisticated topics letting them see that I'm more then a carefree party guy. This shift creates intrigue and mystery, and I use this stage to get a girl investing in me with compliance tests and supplication.

Throughout the interaction I escalate kino, and start makeouts at random. Short, teasing make out sessions amp a girls state and get her cross from the more serious comfort/connection conversation to an increased state of attraction. Also, the teasing immediately puts me in control of the sexual interaction, leaving her wanting more. My end result here is to have her waiting for me to let her libido escape.

I get very little LMR, usually associated with more prudish girls that have boyfriends they're otherwise faithful to. I don't do a lot of freezeouts during sex, instead working to escalate sexually to the point where they can't deny their sex drive.

My phone game is non traditional, and one of the questions I get most. I am willing to spend hours on the phone talking to a girl if I want to, as time allows. I call when I want, as much as I want. I end phone conversations abruptly, when I lose interest. I often escalate a girl to kinky phone sex if I haven't pulled her. After that the day 2 transitions quickly into sex.

I actively research new techniques that are congruent with my style, and set goals to push myself to an even higher level. My fastest F-close was seven minutes, and have slept with three women I met the same night. Long term I prefer MLTR's to ONS's, although the occaisonal ONS is hard to pass up.

My last gf was a paid model who supported me, even though I was dating 4 other women when I moved in with her. I don't believe in misleading girls to think you are something you are not, and I always try to leave women better then when I found them. I still get calls from Norway and France on a weekly basis from MLTR's I had a year ago.

I have studied sexual technique longer then anything else, using an active sex life and a variety of sexual knowledge to satisfy women quickly and continually.

I have a deep love for women that culminates in my interactions with them.