The Framer.

Well guys, i just did my first post on a topic so i think it's time for my Introudction.

I'm Da Framer, from Chile. . . choose this name 'cause that's my new tactic, impose your frame, and you'll get the results. (i know my name says arzas, but i choose that a while a go, before getting into he basics of the game, if anyone know how to change it please pm me)

I'm 22, athletic, good looking, and used to be in a high social circle, back in high school and in my first attempt at college (did'nt work out =P).

I got into game, cause i rally didn't know why i didnt did as well as my friends in bars and clubs, they're all really alpha, but not as good looking or smart. So i just had better social circle and day game.

Well after some reading and research now i know why, the worst body language ever, i had scoliosis, and all my family have really bad posture, so i used to make myself smaller than i really am (i'm 5'11 an nobody would say i was over 5'8 if a didn't stretch and stand near them). Plus , low self steem, so i entered always in a frame that didn't serve me.

Early this year (April i think) i stumbled into double your dating by David D, didn't like it though but i knew there was something more around dating science. Then i read about TMM, borrowed a copy of Magic Bullets, and got every dvd i could, did'nt find any LS dvd though only David D's.

Now with some research and practice i can say i have improved my body language a ton, it's far from perfect, but i been getting great results.

What helped me the most:
well il have to say it was the David D, body language dvds, they're awesome (double your dating imo sucks though). Great tips to improv your body language, plus some trick,and special appearance by Mystery(so it covers some of the basis of TMM) and other great speakers. Aproaching by the side, talking over the shoulder, then turning to face the target (TMM bit) and how to be the first to get a drink at a bar are priceless.

Also read magic bullets and learned a few things, most of them were natural for me but my BL was so bad they went in to a second place, plus most of wat i didn't knew i internalised it so much that when i re read it las night i did only find few things, comprade to the first time i read it and was in complete owe. . . . Th best things about the book are, not complementing a women till they deserve it, and being a challenge.


Well guys that is for now, love the forum and would love to do a boot camp but they're not gonna be any soon so down under.

I'll talk to you soon, till then CHEERS ! ! !