Sup Everybody?

I wanted to drop everybody a line. I do have a little bit of "bad boy" in me and to be honest, I kinda enjoy it. My current game with women is to be a bit rude sometimes, make fun of them, laugh in their face, tease them and never give them what they want. I don't buy women drinks at the bars and I won't take them out to dinner or a movie. I do like to bust on them or give them a hard time and challenge them. I don't view women as saintly angels or gentle creatures quite frankly speaking and I don't smile at them a whole lot either. Which it seems Mystery teaches to smile. I am not sure about that one. However, I am new to the game here and I am sure some of the guys who are experienced veterans with women can teach me a thing or two about women, myself and life. I love learning about all three of these topics. On the same token though, I want to be sure that what I am taught is not bullshit so, I like to see some results and that what is being taught matches with reality to back up what some person claims is a good method. Anyway, I hope some of the guys here can teach me something I don't know and if so, maybe one day I can give back to the community here.