Tim Diesel is back, heres my story

Hi Guys

Heres my story.

I used to be on the forums about 8 months ago, tried part of the stylelife challenge, but kind of lamed out after a while and realised i had been taking it abit too seriously. Gave up on the game as i had become a keyboard jockey.

A month or 2 after that i went to jersey channel islands with my dad. I thought i can just sit around doing nothing in the evenings or i can try out the night life. I pushed my comfort zone and forced myself to chat to people all round the bars and clubs. It became quite easy and ended hanging out with different people each night and even went to house party.

When i got back to the uk i decided to get into the game again. Managed to get good with openers and amazed my friends with confident approaches.
Ditched all my old friends before i went to jersey. By now i was building up so many new friends through networking my town, i had too many friends to choose from to see each night.

After a while if being in the game, made a mistake, got into a relationship with an 18 yr old with a kid.
Was kinda still doing my pua thing abit but more networking through this. Then got cheated on my the gf when she went holiday which screwed me up abit.

Since that ive been with a club podeum dancer and pulled couple of girls.
Through all of this ive become obsessed too much with the game lifestyle and got myself into debt from drinking, not good.

So im back to the forums to improve myself, and kind of work on a new lifestyle for myself, maybe sarging without any drink, and getting some balance and hobbies back into my life.

Cheers for listening guys

Tim Diesel