Dedicated AFC looking to improve life!

Hello, i'm James and i'm an AFC. Now that the default intro is done let me tell you a little about myself/past self.

*Biography Warning*

I was HUGE! At age 16 i weighed in at 21 stone + (house scales didn't go high enough). I was beyond the usual fat teenager, I then turned to the dreaded World of Warcraft. Fucking bad call!!! Life got shitter, i started getting depression. I blamed all my social flaws on my weight. "Time to fucking change" I said to myself when in the bath i realised i seeing past my spare tyres was getting ridiculous.

Two years later.... I'm trimmed down, everyone's commentng on how different I look, im thinking 'HOW THE FUCK DO I REPSOND!'. I developed the generic thanks, yeah yeah, trying to put all that behind me response'. I turned into the 'nice guy-who used to be fat'. I didn't know how to talk to these girls who obviously impressed with me. I played rugby, sunk back into WoW and got a car....started going out drinking. "Dutch courage" was an understatement for me to talk to girls when i sunk 1/2 the bar to talk to a HB. Don't get me wrong...I can handle my side of small talk and in depth conversations. I'm comfortable in clubs, my score is 3 and the best being a 6. I just feel as though i'm not in control of my responses and impulses/body language.

I'm starting Unoversity this saturday and i'm 1/2 way through 'The Game' and 'Mystery Method'. I'm a firm believer in change and that anything is possible!

Now I stand before you on the verge of my next big phase of my life. I'm here to learn and make myself a succesful, attractive man. And with dedication a succesfull PUA.


p.s. I'm a qualified Premier Global Level 2 Personal trainer if anyone wants some tips for weight loss etc pm me.