Newbie in DFW

Hey Guys,
I'm pretty new to the PUA community. I've done my studies and have been approaching on a regular basis. So far I think I have crash and burned or been blown out as many times as I have approached. All of my friends are either married and unwilling or non-believer AFC's so they are pretty much no help at all. I joined the forum not only to learn new info, but also in hopes of finding some experienced PUA's to wing with and help me learn the ropes. Don't get me wrong, I'll sarge with other newbies just for practice and fun but I really need help on improving my game. My sticking point seems to be at DHV and building comfort. I live in Arlington and like to stay close to home base but will definitely travel to Ft. Worth or Dallas if I can gain some useful knowledge.

So, if anybody wants to help lil' ole me with newbie missions or just good fun sarging, lemme know. I promise I wont make you look like a tool.

BTW I'm 35 by years but 25 in attitude!

Stevie Ray