I am Petros!

I am Petros!

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    I am Petros!

    Before I begin I thought it'd be prudent to introduce myself, I am Petros, I'm a student at Reading University in the UK about to enter my third year. I lost my virginity when I was 17 to a 5, not my proudest momment I'll be honest, she thought I was 20 and she was 23, okay that part I am proud of but the point is that this still in spite of that fact that she was no trophy was just lucky for me. American girls love the English acccent was what I put it down to.

    About 3 months later I got my second lay, she was a HB7 so it was improving. Next I went on an 11 month dry streak during my last year at school before going on holiday to Cyprus and getting extremely lucky with a HB8. Now all this was just luck for me really, I mean I was nothing in comparison with my friends who were fucking left right and centre.

    When I went to university I thought, "This is it! Time to re-invent myself and create a fresh start", so begins my second 10 month dry streak. I could blame it on the one-itis I had for a girl but that's just AFC talk, which I was at the time, and that's the reason nothing happened. See, compared to some of the people here I was doing pretty well for myself, by my 19th birthday I had slept with 3 girls, that's more than most could say at the time. Now by my 20th I had slept with 10, and now it's up the 13 as of Early September '08.

    Things started to change when I went on holiday in 2007 to Zante with my friends, we went to Kavos the previous year but nothing happened for me. My best friends who for now I'll just dub them with nickames "Tickle", "Genius", "Jazz" and "Roids" were all way ahead of me with the girls, Tickle and Roids were complete naturals, by the end of the holiday Roids had slept with 16 girls over the course of his life. There was another "Arnie" but he was in a relationship at the time. Genius was well as his nickname says a Genius, he devised his way into becoming a PUA without ever having even heard of the community he was AMOGing, Cocky Funny, the works. Jazz well, he was a cultured comedian so he just was on fire all the time. The point is, I looked up to each and every one of these guys. Depressed one night I spoke to Genius about it and he told me a few things about how I should really just snap and become someone else. So that night I did and a few nights later, I was in bed with a HB7. Since that night I've slept with another nine girls, not all stunners I'll admit but I've had a HB11 and a HB6 and both were just massive confidence boosters.

    So that's me, I discovered the seduction community when I read "The Game" like most people tend to. My brother, the animal with girls that he is, introduced me to it. My first night out after I started reading it, f-closed a HB7.

    By the way I also go by Petch or P-Man and have been known to go by Leon too, if I've drunk too much it can be I am King Leonidas of Sparta, which has on occasion worked to be honest.

    So that's me and now on to my first report here: The Petros Files #1 - Full Close a HB8
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