SpaceInvader Reverse-Engineered

I've alway been a natural, I became interested in Social Dynamics,
so I reverse-engineered myself. I read as much of the material thats
out there as possible, here's what I found:

1. Go out and have a good time.
2. Know what you want in a woman.
3. Never be affected by a woman, Be in totally control of yourself.
4. Be confident.
5. Don't be afraid of anything (Except angry dogs and other dangerous stuff).
6. Be interesting (So be interested).
7. Have qualities (Preferably, ones that women like).
8. Never be too aggressive/rude.

Now admittedly this is quiet hard to do, but every PUA system that
has ever been designed, has the goal to desensitize, create
confidence, be entertaining, don't be a push-over, know what you want, etc, but it all boils down whats in your head, I guess thats why really good MPUA's call themselves GURU's.

Here's what goes on in my head when meet HB:

1. Is she cool ? Becuase I'm cool and I know she will like me.
2. If she gives me any shit, I will throw it back at her.
3. If she tries to psych me out, I will psych her back.
4. I'm not interested in her, unless she gives me reason to be interested.
5. If I don't end up with her, I don't care.

All of the above can be inverted, i.e. I give her shit, she gives it back.