The past yr has been crazy

Quick Summary:

I'm 1 year out of a six year relationship. Broke it off w/ her cuz I cheated on her (twice) and figured she deserved to be w/ someone faithful.

The first girl I cheated on my six yr girlfriend was a girl from work, who after three months decided to go back to her ex. I then got back w/ my six yr gf.

The 2nd girl I cheated on my six yr girlfriend was another girl from work who I didn't know much about at the time, but ended up liking her. I decided to pursue a relationship w/ her. ...Long story short, she ended up having a boyfriend for the 9 months we 'dated'. I sorta caught on and asked the bf if indeed this was his girl, his response was yes. So I put an end to seeing her. I felt kinda played, but at the same time during seeing this girl, I slept with two other girls, so whatever.... Few weeks after I put an end to seeing this girl, and a few 'one night stands' ... i ended up seeing a girl i really liked. The girl with a bf, kept contacting me and crying saying that i should leave this new girl for her and yadda yadda... I delted her off facebook, changed my number and that was that.

(girl with the bf is now pregnant with bf's kid)

So now this new girl... we've seen this eachother for like 4 or 5 months and all of a sudden things are slippin. She has an ex in thats an orbitor, so this situation is making me a bit weary since its reminding me of the girl with the bf...(who said it was her ex).... she's kinda fallen off... no contact for a couple days.... etc... I slept with another girl and met / made out with a different girl last weekend.... but I really want the new girl... but ... whatever happends happends.

- jme

looking forward to improving my game