How Vampyro Began

The day I created this username, was also the first day I slept with my one-itis for the first time. I had read the game a few months before, and like many others, sought out the lounge. It was filled with more information than I could need, and served me well that night, if not anything but a confidence booster for what went on. But, what I told no one, was what would happen, only months later, on December 15th, 2006.

My girlfriend left me. Such is the way that so many pick-up artists come into being. My first serious girlfriend, my entire life, the girl I stopped hanging out with my friends for, stopped playing football for, stopped playing guitar and got out of bands for. It took all of one word to bring my world down. I went in to kiss her, because I knew something was up. She turned her head, and I dropped my own. I said weakly "Is it over?" She shook her head yes, and we spent the next two hours in eachother's arms, her watching me cry. Don't judge me.

Two days later, she came back over, and informed me of her new boyfriend. She showed me a bracelet he bought her, and I was quite angered. Two days later, and shes with someone new. Well, this would never do. To this day, I do not know what, but we ended up fucking on the same bed we broke up on, with the laptop on the computer, opened up on the attraction forum's webpage. I was just happy I got revenge on her boyfriend, because I knew this fucker would be my downfall. Just not at the time.

They broke up a month later, and I attempted to get back together. Everyday since we broke up, it seems everything I knew reminded me of her. That was the only Christmas where I sat like a zombie, holding back tears, oblivious to the world. Everyone knew what was going on, no one would mention anything. Although, my PUA cousin did take me out drinking and smoking some green, (for the first time) even the two-set that he tried to push on me (guaranteed lay) I did not accept.

A different friend of hers at the time claimed he would be the one to help me get her back. On Valentine's Day, I gave him some cash to get some roses delivered onto her porch, and a big teddy bear. Only later did I found out this fucker did exactly as I asked, but it was his name on the items. (They are still together to this day)

I'm pressed to not mention what happened next. But, I think that here its appropriate, as we share everything else about our lives. I attempted to commit suicide multiple times. I started seeing a therapist, and was put on the highest dose of an anti-depressant called Effexor. My parents slept in the living room everynight, which was between me and the kitchen, the place I might find a knife. What's worse, I had no one, I gave them all up to be with her.

This would go on for nearly a year. I talked to her once at the nine month mark, because she began speaking to me on AIM, and said she needed to call someone, she had no one else to talk to. I was more than happy. She complained of how much her boyfriend lies (big surprise) and I tried to impress her with my new habit of smoking weed and getting drunk all the time. SURPRISINGLY, she was not the least bit impressed.

At the year mark, I knew I needed a change. So, I did. I changed myself. I got into my father's closet, and examined what he had for old band clothing. He was the biggest ladie's man I knew, with stories and stories that I could never seem to duplicate. I am still wearing one of the shirts as I write this.

I began speaking with multiple PUAs, some being members of my Family (Love Mike + Shaun/Sean/Shawn?) and other's whom I would only know outside the forum, by phone and AOL (Hollywood, now banned Natural). I started cutting my hair short, and spiking it in the front. I picked up my bass guitar again, and became more social. I bought a new car, and started playing the old online games I used to play, before I had become a *ladie's man, from this ONE girl deeming I was so*.

The only part now was learning confidence. Reading the game inspired much confidence, but when it came down to the field "my school at the time" sarging just did not work. Simply because (as I now understand) EVERY girl in the school knew my story. They all knew how I got depressed. They all understood even. But, I lost any attraction I might have had with them. I did make many more girlFRIENDS at this time, but as for GFs, none to be found.

I'd love to explain in more detail, but I'm not going to use more of your time. I will just say where I am at in life now.

Any girl in life that I want, I can have. As I write this, I am an my HB's house, where I've been for three nights, and also had her give her first BJ (she has sharp teeth *sad face*). I'm on her computer typing this, and she's one of 21 other girls I've been with since that break-up. This has changed my life, who I am. I'm whole again.

They say don't let the game define your life. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is perhaps, one of the reason's the game was created. For people like you and me. We don't let it define, but it can certainly fix. I'd like to thank every person who took the time to read this, or has helped me in the past. Now, I've gotta get back to my girl. Peace.