Allow me to re-introduce myself...

Hello, hello! After a brief hiatus, I am back in the game and better than ever. I must say, if anyone remembers the name, the self-proclaimed master of college game has stepped it up.
Last time I left, I had taken a break from the game. I sought to pursue more meaningful goals, and it is amazing, I must say, how things have gone quite right for me.
I have recently graduated from the most prestigious leadership institution in the US (USMC OCS), shaving off 20 lbs of fat and earning the title of United States Marine (awaiting my commission in May as a 2nd Lt). In the process learning all there is about leading people both in garrison and in combat, improving my confidence, presence, and appearance, all in one summer. Furthermore, I turned 21 while down in good old Quantico, VA, so a whole new world has opened up to me.
In addition, I also moved into a house with two natural gamers and linked up with two local PUAs (one a professional magician, one a fellow Marine), and things are definitely looking up for Shameless.
Anywho, enough about me, more about conquests:
New goals are simple, as a college senior and a future leader of young men, I am making it my goal to bestow upon those downtrodden, confused and directionless with a will to improve themselves, the knowledge, practices and habits that have allowed me to be as successful as I am today. My email box is open to any questions what-so-ever about college game, this has been my specialty for four years and as an Officer in my fraternity, I have seen everything, good and bad, from horny young boys chasing horny young ladies.
Now nobody is without weaknesses, I have my sticking points:
LMR has always proven a bit difficult for me. Last night I bagged the 18 year old daughter of a Army Lt. Col. (oh the irony!) adding another kill mark to the wall. It surprised me quite frankly having spent a total of maybe 5 hours with her over 2 sessions (parties). My score now stands at 9, with 6 hookups since moving into my new place 2 weeks ago. Hopefully those other 5 will turn into CKs in the very near future.
My strength lies in the approach; I have zero problems opening any and everybody, male or female. I am confidence, well-spoken, articulate, and I can disarm males easily with my smile and manly banter (they love talking to a service man and a college athlete). I am quite the pusher-puller with girls (negs and sugar, back and forth proves a wonderful formula for success).
And clearly my weakness is rambling in threads, so I'll leave it at that. Expect big things from me and my crew in the near future.
Love ya!