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    The Bully would take my pokemon cards and rip them apart and I would look at him in awe as I would spend countless dollars for them. My response, I would do nothing ...I was pussy.Eventually I learned the art of smashing peoples face if they fuck with you(not a good approach).But I still haven't mastered females.
    Girls would stare at me in gym and even flirt .I would be scared thus ending my chances at losing my virginity early. In my earlier years. I would spend a lot of time at home. Sheltered by grandmother I played video games and drew manga most of the time(hahhh dbz).

    So I really never go out and I would get SOIS from a girl that lived in my building she's so so urggghhhhh though. I wondered because I was skinny, 5'9 had a michael strahan gap and my head was a little too big . That's the reason im unable to attract 8s,9s,&10s I thought. I mean im not ugly. I just worry about these things and on my social life I never went to a party or did anything crazy in my life worth a girl saying "woww".

    Maybe I thought" im just a waste of sperm". Made to wither out my genes out of existence.Huhhh my dick needs excersise lol....Until my friend Dave reccomended the Mystery Method book and told me to attend seminars which I am thinking to attend .It helps along with the MMachiveDVD set. But I can't seem to shake dat I have only one group of friends who are all going away to college.Now my prolonged final year in HS .Just seeing girls in Soho everyday I get frustrated.

    I always have a feeling my current life style and looks mean HBs won't be appealed to.I just wanna know how I can increase my life socially and become a good pua.
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