I've been around

Well let me start by saying my name is Jamie,I am from Anderson Indiana..I am somewhat a newbie,I have been exploring different forums gathering useful information...I am not saying I am a natural pua just yet..I do have some moderate luck sense being introduced to pua but nothing to brag about..I am more than willing to learn this art form and take it all in...I have learned alot in the short time I have been around.I used to be a AFC with major AA issues that I have overcame.There is alot about my game that needs work and i'm not afraid to admit it.I just recently went threw a rough divorce and sense then my money has been well scarse.So going out sarging has been complicated but I have managed for the most part.I am a pretty good online pua,I haven't had a bunch of f-closes but I have had a few.I have been viewing alot of routines,openers,and the lists go on and on...I am ready for the game and all the things that come with it..I know I have alot to learn but I am more than ready to take it all in...I wouldn't mind finding a already established pua with know how to wing a newbie..I would really like to help anyone that is willing to listen to the suggestions that I may give them.I am not claiming to be a PUG but I want to be able to get help from someone if I should have a question.So if someone happens to ask me a question I will try my hardest to give them the best advice I am able to give them..Well thanks for reading this...Goodluck to all in your search of The Game to play..