I don't think it's required to log an intro, but I've been here a while and I'm bored @ work, so here I am.

I was propelled to the community at 21 by a crazy case of oneitis (heard that one before? ). I actually wasn't doing too badly w/wikipedia, but it's all theory. I saw the practical stuff that's out there and entered a new world.

I served abroad in Korea for two years as a Mormon missionary; one thing I noticed was that you could simply take it for granted that any girl you talked to was attracted to you (a tall American? and he speaks Korean?!). Then I came back to the States and had a rude awakening.

I'm really quite fascinated by the seduction community, especially when it goes all wonky and theoretical. I'm strongly religious (if you couldn't figure that out) and I see a million parallels between pickup and my religion. I think I'm a little unique in the community for disapproving of premarital sex (that's right), but I recognize who came to whom for advice, so I don't complain.

My little brother is serving his mission right now, and when I logged into his email account to do something for him, I found a bunch of David D. emails. I just hope he takes everything he might have learned and applies it to missionary work (He does a lot of street "sarging").

To make things even more fun, I'm a BYU student. My school is jam-packed, so I focus mainly on social-circle game.

And I'm listening to Brand New right now.