Hi everybody.

I've recently decided to take full control of my future. I originally got into pickup with David D's "Double Your Dating" book through a friend on another forum who ended up mentoring me out of my mid teens. The books effect on me got the first girl I was with, and changed me a lot as a person. I ended up pissing a lot of people off with "cocky comedy" and getting a lot of false starts of confidence that ended with me unhappy that I couldn't break out of a pre-existing image of who I was.

Coming out of that and into adult hood and realized, after a serious relationship, heart break and several other trials of growing up that what I want isn't a girl, it's a life style. Game is just one part, an important part. What is a man who doesn't believe he deserves a woman? If he doesn't believe he deserves to reproduce obviously something is very wrong.

What I'm here for in reality isn't the sole ability to pick up women, it's the ability to interact with both sexes, people of all classes, ages and backgrounds in a genuine and enjoyable way. I feel that being able to get a date is a good place to start though.

I hope to gain from this journey a healthy life style, self esteem and charisma that will allow me to lead the life I want, whatever that may be with integrity and the pride that I am not letting life happen to me, but I am creating the life that I want.

where I'm at in all of his is still rather novice. A lot of my inner game has come to a place where I'm dressing well, "peacocking" if you will without hesitation, I'm experimenting socially to some extent and I feel good about who I am. I still have a lot of approach anxiety and I question my ability to hold interesting conversation. I was home schooled for a good portion of my life and it has effected my ability to confidently interact with peers. I feel at home with people a bit older then myself (currently 21.) The first thing i'm looking to do is either fix that if its a problem, or get rid of the bad belief if it's all in my mind.

I hope this is a decent introduction to who I am and what i'm looking to get out of my involvement with the forum.

- Anonymous.