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    Let me start off by saying this is a great community from what I have seen thus far. Men helping men, be better. It's beautiful it really is. Anywhoozzle, about me; I'm 6'3 - 170 ish~ 23 years old, 3 lays, although i wish i could only say 1 ( 2 bad omg i need to get my rocks off lays that i should've been smarter about ) BUT ANYWAY...

    I'm a dancer... I do salsa, and ( at time of posting this ) i've salsa'd for 3 years. And im just getting into hip hop. ( just starting my 2nd and 3rd hip hop courses. ) I'm considered quite attractive so thats a plus..

    Ultimately my goal is not to be a PUA.. I'll let you guys do that. I'm looking more just to be able to open up more easily, be more social, and converse more easily/readily with females... Not to mention be able to pick up and put down IOI's with ease. ( i've never considered that kinda stuff until reading some of 'the game' -im still not done yet, as im a slow reader and learner ) Being a dancer I am ALWAYS around hot chicks, gaming / sets just dont make sense to me.

    I guess you could say I started learning the theory of this kinda stuff a while ago. It started with david D - cocky funny..(Theory STRICKLY- as im still not open / comfortable enough yet) Then just recently i've picked up a copy of
    The Game, and MY GOD.... its seriously one of the only books i've actually read, and got into. I'm not a big reader, but honestly the first weekend i got the book, i read a good quarter of it.

    Anyway glad to be amoung all of you even if my goals are slightly different. Hopefully we can all synergize and help better one another however we can.
    Thanks for readin'


    Ahh and 1 last thing, I rep the 250'
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