EA says hey.

Ladies, gents, and folks of all ages,
What's up?
Just popping by the forum, again, to introduce myself. I have been on here only a couple of weeks now, mostly reading and I have to say, "Wow." I am surprised to see a real thriving community, and one that focuses on such a subject and one that actually works. A year ago, I didn't believe it existed. I'm not going to sit here and spend thirty minutes praising the system or the site, but I am glad I found it. I, like many of the individuals on this forum, have read "The Game" and was intrigued by it. Reading it alone helped me out, and coming here has increased my ability by quite a bit.
I am from a small city in Canada, and have had little trouble finding women. Brick wall and problem: I didn't know how to move out of the LBJF zone. I had no problem creating comfort, opening and having a normal conversation with any women, regardless of how hot or aesthetically-challenged.
But, most attractions floated into the LBJF box in good order and had very little way to get out. Some good relationships started this way. Some didn't. I got out of a two year relationship and realized that I had good potential with women at a cottage and there were more dudes than ladies. Most of these guys great looking, in shape and had everything going for them; but somehow i got the gorgeous blonde. I'm no natural, (otherwise I wouldn't be here) but I do have a decent way with women and want to learn more on how to actually get who I like and not have to settle with who wants me. But I do have to say, I have read the preview of "Magic Bullets" and a bit of other material and will be an able pupil in time. I do go out enough and I do test the material I think will work for my situations and am eager to learn more. Good luck to the rest of the newbies and,

Later Days,

Easily Amused