Im kind of here for different reasons. I did online dating once and managed to land myself a pretty hot chick. Ironically it was kind of by accident. she happened to see me online on a site I rarely went on and sent me a message.
I was kind of into someone else at the time but they were massively pissing me off and she had to persuade me to ditch the other girl and meet her and then persuade me to do some other things lol fortunately the chemistry was great. I think having kinda high morals, like 1 person at a time and being interested in someone else built a lot of attraction.

it took me about 18months to go from absolutely no clue to figuring how what worked best for me. There was a period last year when we split up for a bit at the time I went and dated some other females. I had a lot more confidence by then and had started looking at the david deangelo stuff, mostly to see if he agreed with what i'd figured out. I'd read the game once so I knew this kind of stuff was around.

fast forward. we have a kind of liberal relationship. we dont live together or even in the same town. I dont mean sleeping around but chatting/flirting with others on the net is no problem for her or me.she's kind of flirty in public anyway. She knows I wont do anything more. those morals again. I go thru periods of wanting to talk to other people and then not. The internet is a good place for making temporary friends.

Usually I'll just talk to whoever wants to talk to me but I decided this time that it'd be more interesting talking to the type of people who arent usually interested. ie not rock chicks. But I didnt have a huge amount of experience opening myself and especially against females who are pretty hot, younger or I'm completely not their usual type. I have pretty long hair for a guy and its dead obvious in my pics and thus I like a challenge.

I was always pretty good at cocky/funny as long as I had something interesting to work with and the other person opened. to go to opening myself and not having any to go on is a real challenge but I'm getting pretty good at it. I tried pof for a while but as much as there's other females looking for friendship on there, there's just not enough activity to figure out whats best. Im using social me on facebook. I like that because it's quite normal to have no profile therefore not giving reasons to someone to be uninterested and you get pretty instant results or not if u only try stuff on people shown as online and there's thousands of women online at a time and females get a massive amount of instant interest so if you're no good they just ignore you. And of course no one knows what your relationship status is. There's loads of feedback info in the way the system works. like i can chat to someone a bit and then they go offline and sometimes they'll see come across my pic again and re-open on me themselves or send me a flirt and remember this is usually before they know what my relationship status is. Cos of the instantness I've opened or tried tagging on about 200 females in a week

So i dont mislead them and if they ask I'll tell em how it is, it's interesting as telling them with confidence they'll just accept it and you can keep flirting with them. If they dont ask Im careful not to go too far as when I get them to add me as a friend so I can chat on the IM thing I dont want them pissed im actually in a relationship.

The stuff u guys use to get dates is perfect for getting high HBs to want to be friends with me and i'd rather have hot friends than average friends lol

So im hanging around picking up some ideas and offering some thoughts.