The weird kid from Ireland!

Ello Ello,I go by the name ryan0,Im originally from Dublin the capital city of Ireland but when I was young I moved to a neighboring county.Admittedly,I'm a cocky person,then again subconsciously we all are,but alot of us aren't cocky enough to admit that we're cocky! I may be only 15,but who said the game was only for adults? Most youth suicides are evoked by social rejection and a desire to be popular, learning and teaching The Game can help overcome some/most/all of those social fears that put your mental health on the cutting board. (Another cocky moment) Although I wouldnt class myself as a "PUA" (yet..),I am fairly dang good with women,after coming out of a long history of depression I became funny and humorous and able to whip out a funny joke on command,basically after seeing the worst side of life I learned to always look on the bright side of everything (now I got that song from Life of Brian in my head),and girls picked up on that.
I realize that the majority of people on this forum are at least 18,and that not many adolescents register on this forum let alone look over the posts.I have come here seeking tips and advice,as well as helping others,most of you guys have been through adolescence,so you know what it's like and how hard it can be to deal with karma kickin' your arse (Irishism).
Go raibh mile maith agaibh! (Irish for thank you very much)