Jymy exists!

Hello everyone,
I am Jymy and I'm new.

I read 'Double your dating', 'The game', 'The mystery method', I'm reading 'The rules' and I have 10 new books on order. In fact I wonder why I didn't call myself "The Librarian" or "Giles" instead of Jymy.
Reading hasn't gotten me any further though as I'm dealing with debilitating approach anxiety and all my friends are married with children, so no help from them. I only seem to be comfortable talking to strangers when I'm drunk, which would be a perfect solution if my brain only kept at its job as it's supposed to, instead of going all Homer on me: "Mmmh, beer... Ghaaagh!"

Jymy is a Finnish word, a prefix really - roughly translated it means Mega.

What are you supposed to put in an introductory post anyway? Personal data like "I'm a divorced 36 year old AFC from Finland, who doesn't meet many women, but is a good dancer"? I wouldn't care to know that about someone I don't know. What I would like is a story.

The other day I was in a small rock concert and this girl, in her twenties - they are all pretty at that age - was standing/rocking in front of me a bit to my left. Next she starts, very slowly, quite imperceptibly to inch herself to her right and then backwards till she touched my body with hers, very lightly. And she did it so gradually and I'm such an AFC that I wasn't sure at any time that she did it on purpose. She stood there for a while, moving with the music, barely touching me, intoxicating me with all the chemicals a man's brain and other parts produce in those situations. What did I do? Guess...
I went for more beer!
When I came back she gave me a sore look; would you blame her?
What would a PUA have done? I guess that's for me to find out in the months and years to come.

That's all from me, I'm just glad to be here.