I'm trackfire, and I was clueless.

A little bit of background: For several months, I was incredibly frustrated with women and life in general. I felt that my "smiling face" was very much a hack to cover up this big issue squirming inside of me ("I smile to hide the pain...*tear*"). A sort of tough break-up from a four-year relationship, a chronic one-itis and a failed relationship (which ended in an email) drove me to this point.

I was introduced to Lance Mason by a friend of mine who used his material to great success (and apparently knew Sean Messenger), but I questioned whether this material would have *really* made me better as opposed to changing my character into something I didn't want to be. I was also greatly intimidated by the very high price of workshops. Thus, I did nothing.

Last month, Mason offered some of his materials for free plus S&H. I had money to burn, so I burned it on a risk. Best decision I've made in a LONG time. As soon I as I started listening to the audiobook, I started reading. Minutes would turn to hours, sometimes multiple-hour late night sessions. I was greatly inspired, and went out there the very next day.

Ever since then, I have gotten farther with women than I probably have in my entire life. I've met many very interesting women, and actually gotten numbers and a date using SKILL, not luck. In a very short time frame, I transformed into a man with a ton of confidence, self-esteem and aggressiveness. I've gotten closer to some friends, and learned how to make the "let's just be friends" line a very small deal. On top of that, I'm not lonely anymore, despite the fact that I haven't slept with a woman since a little past my last breakup.

If anything, it's made me a better cyclist too! Go figure.

I'm in control. I could get used to this! :-D