Hi, I'm Musterion

Hi guys, I'm Musterion from Cardiff, UK.
Basically I discovered the world of PU about 2 months ago now and for the time being have been working on inner game aswell as cramming my head full of as much information as possible, along with one or 2 mini sarges but no proper sarges as of yet.
As for the name Musterion I chose it because it is a pretty cool word with allot of meaning, it is also a song by one of my heroes, a guitarist named Joe Satriani and in this video [ame="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NHIUVMyxw5A"]here[/ame] he explains the meaning of the word and well, it pretty much sums up what my PUA journey is so far and what it will become. Such a damn cool word lol.

Cheers guys, may the set be with you.