I am TheTraveller

So called because it's rare I'm in the same place for more than six months.

I'm in the UK, in Chippenham Wiltshire at this time. I have the enthusiasm to be a leader among friends, but I haven't got over my AA and and AFC approach to Game. I think it stems from having no role models during my teens who could show me the Game, so when I read Style's book, watched Mystery's The PUA and found out about the forums I was stunned to find out these people I was reading about actually exist and the Mystery Method is an easy way to work a logical system through to the wet and messy finish.

So far I'm able to chat to strangers in coffee shops and bars, and I'm trying to memorise openers and routines until it comes naturally.

So go easy on me, and I hope to learn a lot about the approach and seduction.