introducing the texas tornado himself :)

What's up fellas? My name is Andrew... I live in the DC area and I go to school at the University of Texas. I've known about the community for about three years but I've only been putting in massive effort this summer. I have been going in field doing various drills and sarging almost every day. I have been doing so just knowing some basic principles of the game but not really with any structure, routines, tactics or anything. The result is that from formerly being PETRIFIED to approach women I now have virtually nonexistent approach anxiety. I also am not afraid to numberclose, kino, go for kisses, etc and I have improved my natural vibing ability. As far as results go, I've gotten a whole rack of phone numbers, gotten two dates both of which I k-closed... one of whom flaked after and the other one who wanted to meet me at night to "hang out" (turned her down because of gas). I definitely have a long way to go and this work has just been good in getting the foundations down.

I took a one month break from the community exactly one month ago and i'm excited as hell to be back in it. I've decided to embrace the teachings of the TMM company as it is so obvious that they know their shit, put in the work, and know how to teach. I am confident that now that I can put some structure, lines, and tactics into my game (which is based on rock solid confidence), my results will skyrocket. I'm particularly interested in London Soul's stuff because I've been approaching direct. I just read his Q&A thread and I already have a ton of stuff that i'm going to start applying immediately.

I'm going to China in a week for a month (Beijing) for the Olympics and I plan on getting some good gaming in over there. I'm excited for starting my second year at UT too. My goal will be one new lay a month. I'm also working on improving my party/club game which is still lacking.

Anyways I'm looking forward to my stay on this forum. I get a real positive vibe from you guys and I know you'll be really helpful in my journey .