First post - I'm finally going to be giving "the model" a shot

What's up all. I just joined this forum yesterday, and I like what I see so far. I'm still relatively new to the game, but ever since I found out about the community I've learned a ton.

I usually have no problems getting a girl to like me once she gets to know me (through social circles or whatever), but the art of the cold approach is facinating to me. I could definately say I'm pretty obsessed with learning how to master this art.

Learning about the game got me to approach chicks, which is something I never did before (mainly because I had a LTR of 7 years), but I haven't really attempted to apply the "material" or "the model" or any of that stuff. I just figured that once I got over my AA, I'm a cool enough guy to be able to just take the natural approach to things.

I learned that I usually end up approaching in a typical AFC way, and I tend to have boring conversations with the typical "interview" questions. Obviously I haven't gotten very far with that approach, lol. The problem with that is that when you approach a random stranger, they know nothing about you other then that you are just another random dude in the bar hitting on them. There's no friends around to keep conversations from dulling and to act as social proof.

The art of cold approaching is a totally different way to meet women then from what I've been used to all my life, and I will get good at it. I finally decided to follow the emotional progression model instead of just "winging it" and maybe even use some canned routines.

I know that I can approach, at least in a bar or club setting. My next goal is to attempt to get in rapport consistently rather then just approaching and getting blown out or walking away.

I'm really busy in life right now, but I will be doing solo sarging since that's the recommended way to learn, and I will be keeping everyone updated with my progress.

Thanks for reading.