Hear the ekko.

Hello, I'm Ekko.

I currently live in Denmark where I am finishing my IB diploma. This website was just something I came by, after reading a little in Style's book The Game (great book btw.) I would consider my self quite a nice guy, except that my face is quite scarred. I find it quite ironic that most girls see me either as very charming, or as a complete asshole, I guees it's which guy they're attracted to. After a year in 'celibacy', becoming a buddhist and doing all the slave labour it takes to fit into a new school, I am ready to get girls again, and dudes, I miss it!
But first the a little story telling, the reason I came here to be honest.

A year ago, a girl crushed my heart. That's the story behind me coming here. I had fallen in love with her, something I usually don't do, but I guess someone had kept an eye on me for some time, and decided that my time had come. Well she ditched me all of a sudden, and left me with a heart remindding myself of a mirror I once broke. Of course I blamed my self and so on, though I later found out that she had found some twat to hang out with. Well I have met her a couple of times after this, but each time I just stared her into a corner, I don't take politely on someone breaking my heart.

So I end up here. With my bag over my shoulder, a buck in my pocket, and absolutely no fr*gg*n idea what to do now, other than learn!