oh hey-hello there, quick question

newbie here

not totally new to the game though, I have been in it for about 8 months now. to give you an idea how much I know I have read MM(which got me into this) styles "rules of the game" an introduction to NLP book and I am halfway through "art of seduction" by joost elffers(which though has been somewhat insightful, is a bit boring and would only suggest to those working on more long term connections and those that have ALOT of time on thier hands to read)

I have just started looking for seduction resources online and figures since so much of what I do is MM based I might as well post here.

well, actually, I was content reading the "classic writings" section and lurking around but eventually it made me make a log in so I figure I might as well meet some of you people

as far as my backround, I was not nearly as bad as alot of guys that find thier way here, but I sure as shit was no natural. by time I was 27 I probobly had about 8 partners. most ranging from a 5 to a 7. I probobly only had about 2 7+'s. mostly long term relationships. of the most notable, a had a couple of 6 month, one that was a year, one that was 3 years, and I was married for 5 years.

since I have started following the seduction community in the last 8 months I have bumped from just 8 to somewhere over 20. doesn't necessarily make me a super pimp but for me it has been a night to day improvement especially when you figure how much better I communicate with women in general now.

I think I will always remember my first night out using MM. I had read just enough of mystery's book to understand peacock and DHV. several of my friends were at the bar I went to. and after these guys seeing my luck with women over the past year or so, jaws dropped when they saw how I was talking to women and how they were reacting.

I could go more on that night later

so hey how you doin