Have yourself a Good Knight everyone!

Have yourself a Good Knight everyone!

Discuss Have yourself a Good Knight everyone! at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Have yourself a Good Knight everyone! Well before I do the workshop in Toronto September ...

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    Have yourself a Good Knight everyone!

    Well before I do the workshop in Toronto September 19-21 because we all know the best PUAs are from Ontario - CF (don't player hate). I will be honing my skills, but for the sake of diversity and new material, because I think the same jealous girlfriend, who lies more, or best friend openers used by everyone will start getting old, drawn out and as original as "What's you Sign?" and "Do you beleive in love at first sight?"

    I taken it upon myself to study girl to girl openers from my 3 little sisters and all their friends. Usually it is to do with what they are wearing.
    for example; "Hi, I have to say I really like your earrings, are they real? They look like 14 karats at least..." then move to a neg their other accessories and/or clothing. "But your shoes don't look right on you, not very classy or flattering at all... Well I can see your toes they look ugly and you shouldn't be wearing sandal-shoes here only guys with weird foot fetishes like to see that."

    You can start reading girls on looks and dress and most of all shoes in combination of their friends, attractiveness plus location equals their value, femininity, personality type, tastes, likes, influences and habits. First appearances are usually correct so judge and feed your knowledge of her outgoingness, vanity, is she a tomboy or a girly-girl meaning she has brothers or sisters. Be a Sherlock Holmes and read her personality self-image to gain a connection and then it's smooth sailing from there.
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