Hi, I'm Nolly.

My Nickname is Nolly, and I'm French (so, crap english, excuse it)
I come from the french montreal lair, and staying in this city until end of august then go back to France.

I discovered the game 3 months ago, after being bored of the way my relationships went, and the second book I read after a french one was the mystery method, and I felt so stupid.
I was soo much a mister nice guy !
I recently read The Game by Neil (french version), what at amazing story..

I've been praticed a lot the night game during 1 month an half, going out 4-5 times a week (montreal is amazing for that) and I began mastering A1 to C1, openers, own routines, BL, confort, isolation and #close.

My wing went back to France and i lost a lot of my game because he was so much a highly motivated guy ! I went out less and lost a lot. Now I'm trying pushing again since I'm in holidays.