hey guys, complete newbie here


i just read the game a month ago and decided that im tired of being an LJBF. i just got outta high school and am on my way to college in a month. i figured i better get over my AA and learn this as early as possible and it would help me in the long run.

ive only had two girlfriends in my entire life. the first one was in grade school so you can imagine how dreadfully important that was lol (sarcasm in case you didnt catch that). and the second one was last year and i didnt even really like her. i was just lonely and settled for whatever i could get. and im sure im not the only one here who can relate to that.

i wanna improve my life in all my endeavors and im tired of waiting around for something to happen. im gonna make things better myself and im tired of blaming my situation on other people and my ego. its time to take some action!

i wanna thank everyone for posting all this info on the web. im gonna take full advantage of all your advice.

i actually started opening some sets this weekend (day game) ands found that its sooo much eaasier to talk to cute girls than i thought before. and i can make them laugh for a bit. but then i start to blank after a little bit and lose it. looks like a gotta hit the threads.

see ya