Hello Gentlemen,

My name is Derision. I am a sarcastic, outgoing prick that loves life and enjoys every second of it. I am 21 years old and currently attend the University of Texas in Austin, studying government and international business. Eventually I will go on to study law and then kick this world’s ass. I am ambitious and confident and ready to take on anything that is thrown at me. I am optimistic and positive; I see the good in everything and everyone. I think the world we live in is a beautiful gift and I try never to take it for granted. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. I was taught by a friend I cared for dearly never to take life too seriously. I live by the words uttered by a man much wiser than myself; ''Don't Worry, Be Happy.''

About 9 months ago, when I was cheated on by the “love of my life” (talk about one-itis), I was crushed. I gained a bunch of weight and lost all confidence in myself. Seeing me in that state, a good friend of mine gave me “The Game” by Neil Strauss. It helped me take initiative and become the person I am today. Over the past four months my transformation has been monumental. I now have (sometimes too much) confidence to spare. I can easily be the life at parties, be the head of most conversations and make friends left and right.

I am comfortable in almost any environment, except clubs. This is my sticking point. I have trouble sarging in nightclubs and bars. The music is loud, the drinks are expensive, the crowds are superficial, and the girls seem to go out with the intent of turning men down. I still have trouble breaking this AFC mentality in clubs that is why I am here. My ultimate goal, I suppose, would be to make sarging a natural part of my life. I want it to be instinctive. I want to be able to attract and seduce the women I choose with the same ease and confidence with which I drive my car, unlock my door, or type on a keyboard. I want sarging to become a natural part of my life. I want to become a true PUA.

I look forward to meeting, learning from, and working with all of you.