PA guy hopping on board

Thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. I just got here and haven't even looked through site. I probably won't post much until my game gets good and mainly plan on using this as another reference.

I have read up on the following books and found them to be extremely helpful:
-The Game by Neil Strauss (what got my lame ass interested)
-Undercover Sex Signals by Leil Lowndes (Great book for explaining all the signals I never picked up on)
-The Mystery Method by guess who? (Definitely have started using some of his techniques already with success)

3 more books are on the way...

I never had a true GF in middle school, high school, or college. I am a good looking guy at 6'/165 lbs and successful for being 23. I always got the 'nice guy' bs from girls, mainly because of my slight shyness. I never let it faze me though because I knew I would find something, someday and here it is...the community!

Since reading those books I now walk into bars smiling and putting on the 'I own the place' mentality. It's great to own the 'tough guys'. I have used techniques from both Neil Strauss and Mystery to talk to chicks (and dudes too, to create a 'leader of guys' appearance) and have read and reacted to women's signals explained by Leil Lowndes. ALL IS GOOD!...but not good enough.

I try to frequent Harrisburg's 2nd Street and Lancaster's bars/clubs (both in Pennsylvania) but I have friends who would rather be douches and stay in and have no interest in 'the pick-up'.

If you live in the areas I mentioned directly above; I am looking for a wing (experienced or not, don't care) please PM me cuz it would be appreciated...if not, that's cool too.

Peace and happy hunting!