Introduction, Story, and a Thank You

Hey guys,

I`m 18 years old (still young I know) and I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I`m fairly certain I share a lot of the same hobbies as most of you here. I enjoy sports, music etc.

Now although I have lurked around the site for about a month and a half I just decided to post this now because I feel like a whole new person, as if I need to, ``re-introduce,`` myself to the world. Only a short while ago I was a complete AFC and I was truly dissapointed with how my life was turning out when it came to dealing with women. In all my years of high-school I never once managed to get a girlfriend, and althought I did enjoy a few flings, that`s all they were to me... meaningless flings, and I never could consistently make them happen they were all by luck.

One day I stumbled upon this site and began reading the material and saw that many people here used to have the same problem as me and were able to turn their lives around. After reading a bit more for a few more days, and after taking a long look at myself in the mirror I decided that I too wanted too change, I too wanted to be succesfull with women, and I too wanted to improve every aspect of my life and become the best person I could be.

And here I am now I have spotted the things in my life that were holding me back like friends bringing me down with their negativity, and a oneitis that I had let destroy me emotionally for a year and a half (the first thing I did when I decided to change all this was delete her number, remove her from my facebook, and get rid of her off my msn, and I haven`t looked back since), and a general lack of confidence when it came to meeting new people because I had become to comfortable with the sad lifestyle I was living.

These days things are looking much much better by doing simple things like, blocking out the negative things in my life, by standing up straight, holding eye contact when speaking with a girl, trying new things, and by not being afraid to meet new people. Like I said before I feel like a new man, and already people who neglected me in the past and simply took from me in a relationship without giving anything back in return are starting to notice this new change. Even girls who once labelled me as a friend, have been giving me more attention and throwing IOI`s at me. I`m still contemplating if I should pursue them or if I should simply let them see the new confident man they missed out on these past few years.

Finally and most importantly I would like to say thank you to all of you, and not just for reading this ridiculously long post . You all have inspired me to pursue the things I once thought unattainable, and I am a better person because of you all. I look forward to contributing to the community, and working with all of you to improve my game one day at a time. Once again, thanks.

- paps