40+ Newbie here

40+ Newbie here

Discuss 40+ Newbie here at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; 40+ Newbie here I've been checking out the forums for a few days, and I ...

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    40+ Newbie here

    I've been checking out the forums for a few days, and I like what I am seeing..

    I need to get in the game instead of being on the sidelines.. .. My buddy at work tells me I got nothing..no game at all. He tells me all the time when we are out at lunch or just hanging out.. that chick is checking you out.. I'm like really?? huh? where? get outta here.. etc... I am clueless.. never see it happening around me..

    How does he know?

    Well, over time I have come to realize he knows.. he is a mPUA..he talks about NLP, and all the buzz words floating around here in the forums.. How to key in on cute chicks with low self esteem, neg them even more, then close the deal.. and then dump on them even more when you leave..it is a pattern they get caught in and can't get out of..He says it validates their low opinion of themselves. Like they expect to be treated like crap.. That seems a bit hard core to me..but it sure does work for him.. he is in a LTR now, and sitting on the bench.. or the DL list if you like ..LOL

    I'm 44, still have all my own teeth and hair (mostly grey now).. I'm not a Tom Cruise, but I ain't the troll under the fricken bridge either.. I have had about 6-8 dates over the last couple of months. I think I just stumbled into them by pure blind luck from my internet ad. There must be some vibe I am putting off they pick up on.. in my first email or through chatting. I need to focus that and hone that skill set.. so I can see all the women I've been missing in the offline world..

    At work I can talk to any woman in the building, HB1s to HB10s.. no Anxiety at all.. I work in the IT department.. and I am very good at explaining techie things to the average user.. I can do that because I know I am very good at my job and I walk into their office or cubicle with confidence. I get tons of smiles, and women rubing my neck or shoulders.. one recently even leaned way in over my shoulder as I was showing her something on her computer screen and was rubbing those huge 42 DDs all over my shoulders.. I could feel her nipples through her blouse... FUCK ME!!! why at work...????

    I saw another thread about dating co-workers, not ever going to do that.. believe me, I have thought about it too.. a lot of hot cube girls where I work..Not in the corporate world.. I've seen too many guys get canned for sexual harrassment..

    One other problem I have noticed, when I do actively seek out a woman, it seems to have the opposite affect.. my bud tells me I am the everyday AFC nice guy... I have heard that to many times from women..

    I hate the nice guy label..

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    There's a special subforum for guys our age, 30+ ... we'll take care of ya ... stop by sometime!

    Avoid that work stuff ... and the opposite of being a nice guy isn't being a dick ... it's being a nice guy with skills.

    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums Admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

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